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Peters Care was created in 2006 to deal with the potentially difficult financial pressures that farming families would face with any impending ‘financial depression’.

Farming financial crisis is an area that would often fall through the cracks for normal charitable groups, as it is ‘too hard’.

The idea behind Peters Care is simply to have a very ‘hands on’ and immediate approach to fixing financial crisis facing farming families.

We are a completely voluntary service, and do not receive any financial assistance from any government agency.

Peters Care operates as a network of volunteer helpers within regional and rural New South Wales, to assist farmers in positions of financial distress.

The helpers have a thorough understanding of farming, and must also have either senior banking or senior legal skills and relationships, to be any any real use.

When a helper chooses to help a farmer, that person will use all of their skills and relationships to move aside whatever financial pressures exist.

We have a high degree of success, and have saved many farms from being taken. This then provides the farmer and family time to work out the problems in a more reasonable time.

What We Do

We assist farmers and their families who are under severe financial distress. Our view is that financial distress is caused by a combination of financial debt obligations, payment default issues, underpinned by mismatched cash flows from farming incomes. We provide services to mediate or negotiate with banks and their lawyers, obtain more time to properly deal with the issue, or restructure the debt completely. Unfortunately we can not engage in general refinancing activities for farmers not in distress. Our limited time must be devoted to farming families in true distress.


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